The Internet says to all "Have a nice dream"

Do you know why I don't like modern art? Because it's freaking me out!
Recently I was searching of interesting and unusual earrings when my eyes caught smth strange. First it was a really disgusting earrings Are you sure you want to watch this? then it was almost the most shocking and disgusting thing I have ever seen.
This creatures were sculpted by Patricia Piccinini (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Patricia_Piccinini) and I haven't enough words to describe her works properly. So If you really want to see her works use the links below: www.patriciapiccinini.net/works/05Sculptures_20...


P.S. If you want to read this p.s. after all that you maybe seen before you should know that there are a lot of nice stuff in Internet. There are kittens Seriously?Of Course not:

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2013-04-14 в 01:23 

дайте мне точку опоры и я об неё споткнусь
I actually like the earrings with an eye.
But the video! LOL. Actual real proper LOL. :lol:

2013-04-14 в 01:40 

Can stop myself watching other videos with sloth=)they are how much adorable so much ridiculous/

2013-04-14 в 01:50 

дайте мне точку опоры и я об неё споткнусь
i cannot understand is it cute or strangely disgusting.

2013-04-14 в 10:05 

La fantaisiste
"Я" бывают разные.
Ооооу, такие грустные милашки. :D


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