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Ohhh, I thought about this couple of times, but nothing pushed me to remake my russian blog into english... But! the world (I like to think that IT was the world's magic sign - not my stupidness) gives me a punch - my page in the INTOUGH was hacked. It's surprise me, because my password was (I thought so) difficult enough. Fortunately, I could log in on my page and delete all my friends so they was saved and wasn't subjected my spam's influence. So now I have a pretty pure page;-)
... and I like it...
and I feel like I am free now (I CAN DO EVERYTHING I LIKE: go to facebook, twitter, diary and all other sites I wanted to go=)))))!

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2011-06-17 в 20:58 

дайте мне точку опоры и я об неё споткнусь
wow, it's so unexpected to see you here!.. and in english (and good english, d'you know?)).
Haven't you recieve some strange messages? I know there is a virus that starts with message "Hi, how are you?" and than, if you answer, somehow brokes you account and the changing of password doesn't help.

Maybe i should do the same - clear my stupid account on vk.com? Today i've found, that nobody at all was intrested by me, nobody has looked my page in monthes!! (Why do i so carefull full my info?) ecxept you and Dasha. 2. Two people. The thought about my un-intrestingness (what a word!) eats my brain all day long. Yeah. Go to the hell, vkontakte!! Full of boring people.
Flashmob. Hope it will spread further. =P

Let's go to facebook? I'd like to see you in twitter also.

2011-06-18 в 00:25 

UUUUUUU... It sooo coool correspond with u in english!I like this idea more and more.=)))
1. Let's talk about my "good" english!=D I checked my first post in Promt (translator) about 15 or 20 minutes and this is without thinking and typing=))). I put my silly sentences there and improved to make them sounds like russian. So it's not easy for me, it takes a lot of time and I'm not a patient man so you'll see my posts will be very short;-)
2. What the f..k!:fire: I received these messages from Alya and, of course, I answered! About this situation I wanted to write earlier but I hadn't much time. When I had understood that my page is hacked I deleted all my friends and told some on the phone what happened. When I phoned her she said that she knew it and did ... NOTHING! What a Hell?I'm so angry!!!:fire: By the way, I was hacked through one or two weeks after I had answered these questions.
3. I think I'll come to twitter and facebook soon=)))... but not today or tomorrow=)

2011-06-18 в 00:34 

And another nice thing - My diary was reborn by itself in the correct time without my permission and deсision!:tease2:=*

2011-06-18 в 01:02 

дайте мне точку опоры и я об неё споткнусь
Oh yeah, this is cool! Somehow english sentences come easy from me, I even don't think too much about mistakes which defenitely will take their places. Don't you worry about them too, who cares? It's not about grammatically perfect language, it's just changing the way of thinking, setting your mind free and botherless. Get your fears off. And I don't think you need promt (by the way, google translate is soooo much better!)).

I've sent all social information and so-called-friends in VK into nothingness. Oh, so great feeling of relief!! Thank you, thank you for the idea and the example. Of course, you have a good reason. But.. thanks. (=

Now. You've asked me of correcting some mistakes i'll see.. I see some))
1. About this situation I wanted to write earlier.
It sonds good when you translate this into Russian, but in English... no. It should be "I wanted ..." and then "about this situation". In your variant of the sentence "Situation" is main word and "i wanted to write" is defenition, which is not exactly what you've meant.
2. I was hacked through one or two weeks after
Not "through". In.

That's all I've noticed)) No need to sound like Russian. Better try to sound like English. (=


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